Episode 161 The neuroscience of well-being – in conversation with James Parnell

This week I’m joined by James Parnell to chat about the neuroscience of well-being. Amongst his many qualifications, James is a mental fitness coach, is an expert in the area of applied neuroscience and brain health and he’s the founder of The Wellbeing Gym. James shares many tips, techniques and insightful acronyms, including ‘PROMISE,’ a way to achieve balance across the different dimensions of well-being. He takes us through the characteristics of the lifestyles that support longevity, ways to quieten a busy mind and even what’s required for a daily ‘dose’ of happiness. It’s a fascinating and fun conversation, an episode not to be missed. And I have to say James cracked me up when he shared his personal motto. Find out more about James Parnell at www.jameseparnell.com




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