The purpose of all training is to simulate sustainable behavioural change.

Soft Skills Training

I specialise in what is often referred to as ‘soft skills,’ but which most companies recognise as the ‘hard skills’ to master. Topics such as Authentic Leadership, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Time Management & Organisational Skills are fundamental when it comes to organisational effectiveness and performance.


My Approach


I believe that how information is delivered is as important as what is covered during a course. The most effective training takes place when attendees are simply being themselves in the room and can enjoy the learning experience. My style of delivery whilst professional and thought-provoking is informal and relaxed. I always endeavour to create an energised environment as this not only aids people’s learning, but it makes the workshop more enjoyable. My training workshops are never ‘death by Powerpoint,’ the focus is always on practical learning and useful techniques that attendees can easily apply to their own situations. I blend training and coaching techniques during my workshops which embeds learning and which I believe is critical in achieving lasting results.


I had the pleasure of working with James on a 1:1 basis and cannot recommend him highly enough. James has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and he was incredibly generous with both his time and support.
My work with James has had a hugely positive impact on my professional confidence. I had no prior experience of working with a coach and was a little apprehensive but I needn’t have worried. James is warm, encouraging and manages to make every session engaging and insightful. He also makes sure you have a laugh along the way.
Working with James was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and I hope to work with him again.

V. Morrison,


James is much more than a coach or trainer. He’s your personal guide to unleash the power of self-awareness while driving you through the most unexplored place of your life: yourself. James will help you to nurture a sense of gratitude for your life, accept what you cannot change, create new horizons and see your life from different angles. A “killer application”, “a must have app” for your life and your business.

D. Recalcati
Area IT Manager, Microsoft


Working with James was like working with my better, rigorous conscience. It was his ability to think clearly, and address issues in a step-by-step approach that allowed the impasses in my business life to disappear. I made progress by dint of this tenacity, leaving each of our sessions feeling good about the prospect of achieving realistic goals. In summary, it was a great personal and professional exercise which has been rewarding and worthwhile.

Founder & Managing Director
Marketing Company, Dublin


The time that I spend with James was very helpful. It has made me more structured in my approach to work. This has enabled me to be more relaxed, confident and enjoy work. I feel now I am much more of an asset to the company and contribute to the growth of the companies sales.I am now in a position to make more money which is why I am in sales.

R. McConnell
Sales Consultant, Friends First


I found the 3 day Train The Trainer course excellent in all aspects. James has changed the way I look at training. He passed on so many tools and tips to us that will really help. The course was such a pleasure to attend.

L Browne
Aer Lingus


The Interview Skills Coaching session gave me an amazing gift, the permission to just be myself. It was really powerful. Without all the clutter of insecurity and panic in my head, I could see everything really clearly.

L Parsons


This (Train the Trainer) programme was one of the best courses I’ve attended in the last few years. Course content was excellent and much learning was achieved. James Sweetman was extremely professional and delivered the course in a very enjoyable and participative way. I learned alot which I will use going forward.

Pat Hall
Dublin Airport Authority


James Sweetman delivered a number of workshops at the National College of Ireland. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. ‘Increase awareness and focus’, ‘enhanced motivation’ and a ‘willingness to take action’ were some of the comments shared by attendees. James’ style of delivery encourages participation and creates a cohesive and relaxed environment in which to learn. The experience was best described by one student as ‘thought provoking, powerful and memorable’.

Stephen Kennedy
Student Services Office, National College of Ireland


I thought that the course (Influencing & Negotiation Skills) was fab. James is a really effective trainer. I tend to go to a lot of seminars, talks… …training so I interact with trainers all the time but James’ whole style and method was just in a league of its own.

Nina Lyons
Rise Creatives


After only three sessions, I began to develop a deeper belief in my own inner ability to achieve my ambitions. The sessions provided me with clear objectives. Analysing my strengths and weaknesses, realising what was stopping me from achieving more, I developed strategies to turn these apparent weaknesses into signals for me to believe in myself even more. Establishing clear goals and writing down my goals, helped focus my mind on realistic targets for the future. The energy I wasted on worrying is now spent on ‘doing’. The techniques used to develop my confidence, were not only beneficial, but also great fun.

David Creevy
Classical Guitarist


The Professional Effectiveness course was one of the best days I have ever spent on a course. It was helpful from a work point of view and it was also a wake up call as regards self-awareness and self-improvement.

E Preston


I love working with James. Always well-prepared for the individual, group or audience, he is focused and wholly present. He is generous and kind. Simply put: James is a professional and a gentleman. His recent talks on ‘Professional and Personal Effectiveness’ and ‘Making a Positive Impact in the working environment’ were incredibly valuable to the students, adding to their self-confidence and sense of excitement about their first day of work in a new, international setting.

T. Gilien
Boston College

Signature Training Programmes

Presentation Skills

Effective presentations are engaging, well-structured, interesting, concise and persuasive. Critical to delivering an effective presentation is having the confidence to communicate your message. Learning strategies to manage those nerves, so you are poised and professional at the top of the room is at the heart of this course.

Authentic Leadership

Leadership is such a broad topic, the work I do with organisations in this area is always designed to reflect that organisation’s culture and unique requirements. The training solution often incorporates Executive Coaching. Authentic leadership emphasises building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships and clear intentions. Authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness.

Team Cohesion

‘Organisations are nothing but the people in them’ and if those people have not gelled, it’s a challenge. The emphasis during this workshop is on raising the attendees’ self-awareness individually and as a team. We focus on the quality of their conversations, their interpersonal and influencing skills as well as their general relationship management skills. Team cohesion is not just about what they do, but who they are, that is, the qualities and attitudes they display on a daily basis.

Personal Branding

What is the experience you want other people to have when they interact with you? This is the central concept of personal branding and leadership branding. Either you define your brand or your brand defines you! In addition to examining the factors that impact your brand, attendees discover a framework that enables them to start developing their own brand, a vital factor when it comes to career development.


As more organisations view their staff as people, not mere functionaries, there is a growing demand for staff personal development programmes, workshops where the focus is on the individual, their development and their levels of fulfilment. Many companies pay lip service to ‘investing in their staff’. This programme, which explores areas such as motivation, career goals, identifying personal values wrapped around a healthy dose of self-awareness does just that. The return on investment is enhanced morale, motivation, engagement and proactivity.

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